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My love for photography developed out of a passion for horses. At the age of seven I started riding and was immediately taken by the beauty of the animals. I started with a basic digital camera and realized I could capture, in a still frame, what I believed to be a captivating quality of the horse. I began to see more. I noticed details, colors, shadows; a heightened sense of awareness. I have been able to take this beyond the beauty of horses and now see the world around me as potential photographs. It is usually the subtle things I find most beautiful; which I believe makes my photography intimate. I want to capture not only the beauty of my subjects, but their personalities and relationships with others. Whether it is with your horse, dog, family, or unborn child, I strive to capture that connection while revealing the character of both people and animals.I have developed a true passion for photography, and for sharing what I see with others through the lens of my camera.

To contact me please call at 203.417.6879 or email at

Katherine Hay

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